Index of the thesis: where to insert it and how to format it

Index of the thesis: where to insert it and how to format it

It’s true. The index is not a necessary element of your degree thesis.

But if your work contains many images, graphics, or tables … you will soon realize that you can’t really do without it!

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Where to insert the index in the thesis?

Your index is finally ready. But where to put it?

At the beginning, after every single chapter or at the end of the elaboration?

The index is designed to help the reader quickly find the information he is looking for within your paper. For this reason it should be positioned where it can perform this function better. And very often the best place is immediately after the general index.

Stylistic rules for correct formatting

Here are some practical tips to follow once the index has been created.

Take a moment to look at the content. This helps you understand if there are missing items to enter or if you need to delete the superfluous ones.

Give the index a title based on its content. The title must be clear and essential.

  • Index of names
  • Index of images
  • Index of documents

Place the index at the beginning of a new section. This way you don’t run the risk of moving around while working on your Word file. You will always have guaranteed its position at the top of the page.

If you want to deepen the topic and become an index expert, read Thesis Index: a bridge between author and reader.

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