Word styles: the degree thesis and its 7 assistants!

Word styles: the degree thesis and its 7 assistants!

Thesis. Think of yourself as a construction site manager who coordinates the activities of your area of ​​expertise.

You have chosen the topic, deposited the title in the secretariat and started the bibliographic phase of research of the material. Now it’s time to write!

Word styles: trusted assistants that you can no longer do without!

Just as in an empty building plans and rooms are created to divide spaces, so the Word Styles divide the text into chapters and paragraphs, giving each part of the speech its own formatting.

What is Style?

It is a set of specific features (color, size, underline, spacing, etc.) that will modify a part of the text you selected.

If until yesterday you thought of formatting the text as a desolate land in which you would be lost for days suffering from hunger and thirst … do not be afraid!

From today your perspective has changed!

I know it doesn’t seem real, but it really works like this: you decide and, with a simple click (only one!) Your trusted assistants will do the rest, arranging the entire document for you!

In this way you will earn a lot of time … and maybe this night you will be able to sleep a few more hours!

Usage tips

Now that you’ve discovered these useful tools, all you have to do is start using them!

First, take a moment to scroll through the list of Predefined Styles (Word offers a lot of them!) And decide what you’d like the text of your paper to look like.

If you can’t imagine the formatted page, test it on any text to clear your mind and choose the option you like best!

If you have a lot of imagination and you like to experiment, you can create your own Style. In this way both the contents and the shape will be the fruit of your ingenuity … and you will make your work a triumph of originality!

How many styles should I use for proper formatting?

If you’re asking, you’re on your way! The advice is to keep in hand (inserting them maybe in the Styles) only the ones you need to format the document you’re working on. Typically these 7 basic styles are used:

  • Title.
  • Chapter.
  • Paragraph.
  • Bulleted list.
  • Quote.
  • Header / footer.
  • Caption.

The rule is not to exaggerate in quantity or sophistication: simplicity is always appreciated!

Good luck and good work

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